Wk 11 — Student Choice — Part 4

Phoebe Seip
Nov 9, 2020
Image of Version 1
Image of Version 2
Image 2 of Version 2

My strengths for version 1 were my confidence and simplicity in my work. It was creative and festive for halloween.

My weaknesses of version 1 were my lack of actual effort and production. The pumpkin is very simple with no real outlines or blending or even variety in colors.

I was unable to review the feedback from my classmates because they posted private youtube videos and did not send me a link to watch it. However, I’m going to assume that they said my project was pretty bland and boring.

For Version 2, I painted a background color and added more dimension to the ghosts. Now, it’s a little more detailed. I also gave the ghosts expressions so they look more alive and like they’re moving.

Personally, I see them as two completely different pieces of art rather than version 2 being a recreation of version 1. The second version took more time and thought than the first one. But I think both versions turned out well.